Hair, Skin & Nails

June 15, 2013

Hair, skin & nails

Salvere Hair, Skin and Nail capsules

Everyday life puts a lot of strain on your hair, skin and nails ñ exposure to everything from sunlight and wind to razors, wax and cleaning products. Most people believe we get everything our body needs from a healthy diet but the fact is food no longer contains the same amount of nutrients as it used to, rendering the body low on certain vitamins and minerals. The skin is the bodyís organ on the outside ñ a clear tell-tale of how the body is feeling, and together with your hair and nail it shows clearly if you are unwell or lacking vitamins or minerals. By taking Salvere Hair, Skin and Nails capsules you can help your body fight back and give your hair, skin and nails all the nutrients they crave - the saying ìbeauty comes from withinî is very true.
Salvere Hair, Skin and Nail easy-to-swallow capsules give you: Silica ñ this important mineral is one of the biggest components of collagen, the connective tissue that makes up most of your skin. When we are young, we naturally have high levels of silica in our bodies, but as we grow older we lose this vital mineral. Silica helps the body absorb calcium, removes aluminium from the body, creates a balance between calcium and magnesium and helps the immune system. Silica brings nutrients to the peripherals of the body, like hair and nails, making sure that the hair follicles and nail beds have sufficient minerals for growth and vitality.
MSM ñ a naturally occurring form of sulphur is found in many foods but often lost due to cooking and preparation. MSM provides the necessary sulphur for keratin and collagen and increases the growth by lengthening the growth phase for hair (hair phases are growing, resting and shedding). Vitamin C ñ helps the production of collagen, boosts the immune system and helps the body fight free radicals and has antioxidant properties. One sign of Vitamin C deficiency is deformed nails and peeling skin.
Marine Chondroitin ñ naturally occurring in our bodies, a major component of cartilage, chondroitin gives the skin flexibility, strength and elasticity. As we grow older, the levels drop leading to, amongst other things, flaccid and wrinkled skin. Taking a chondroitin supplement will improve your skinís appearance and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Salvere Hair, Skin and Nails capsules contain marine chondroitin, derived from fish (as opposed to cows or pigs).
Marine Collagen ñ collagen is an important protein, involved in creating healthy and strong nails, hair, muscle, tendons and keeping the skin smooth. The collagen production in our bodies is reduced as we age, leading to duller hair, brittle nails and aging skin. Marine collagen is derived from fish, and has been used as a supplement in Japan for many years. It works by replicating the natural collagen in your body, replacing what is lost with aging. Supplying your body with extra collagen will help preventing signs of aging, such as loss of elasticity, wrinkles and sagging. Marine collagen also fortifies the hair fibres to prevent and repair damage. It improves the hair texture and boosts its natural shine and lustre.
Salvere Hair, Skin and Nails capsules will supply your body with these key elements to healthy skin, hair and nails, making you look younger and healthier on the outside, whilst feeling it on the inside too!