Cod Liver Oil

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Cod liver oil is a nutrient-dense source of essential vitamins which includes vitamin D and vitamin A as well as high levels of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Cod Liver Oil 1000mg provides a potent daily supplement using high grade cod liver oil. Study shows some amazing health benefits of cod liver oil that has been used for centuries to enhance immunity and lower blood pressure.

Cod Liver Oil Health Benefits

** Lowering high blood pressure, cholesterol levels and lower triglycerides

** Immune system booster and helps maintain healthy bones and joint

** Nervous system support and cardiovascular health

** Maintain healthy skin, hair, gums and for teeth

** May help treat depression, mood swings and other mood disorders

Salvere Conjugated Cod Liver Oil 1000mg is Made in the UK and produced using certified GMP(Good Manufacturing Practices).