Natural Green Tea Extract

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What Is Green Tea Extract?

Green tea is from Camellia sinensis leaves which known to be the healthiest drink nowadays. It shows an amazing benefits to your health loaded with powerful antioxidants that help you fight diseases. Research shows that pure green tea extract improve your blood flow and lower cholesterol levels, it also helps to prevent heart related issues, improve healthy brain function and keeping blood sugar level stable.

Why Choose Green Tea Extract Capsules?

Green Tea Extract contains essential nutrients which includes vitamins, oils, caffeine, minerals and rich in polypehnols. The Polypehnols are believed to be vital in promoting good health which makes Green Tea Extract extremely effective, as the extract contains over 50% Polypehols. The Green Tea Extract Capsules in new high strength formula provide the most potent green tea formula today with the equivalent of 12,480mg of pure green tea which are beneficial to your health.

Green Tea Benefits For Your Health

* Supports cardiovascular health and immune system booster

* Powerful antioxidant than vitamin e to reduce free radicals that cause aging and diseases

* Thermogenic fat burners may encourage weight loss

* Healthy liver support and help lower bad cholesterol levels

* Improve healthy brain function

Salvere Green Tea 30:1 Extract 12,480mg 90 Capsules guarantee safety and quality products under GMP quality assurance certification.