Organic Superfood Blend

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Man-made vitamins and minerals tend not to be readily-absorbed by the body, because they are not balanced nutrients - in other words, the body does not know how to deal with them and therefore cannot use them properly. There are certain foods and herbs in Nature that are nutritionally superior to others of a similar type - in other words they have an extraordinarily high nutrient-to-calorie ratio.

Organic Superfood Blend daily multivitamin and multimineral is a comprehensive, 100% organic whole foods supplement, with some of the most nutrient-dense ingredients that nature has to offer. Based on a formula by master herbalist, Dr. John R. Christopher, with the addition of some other potent superfoods, superfruits and herbs, it is an all-round multi-vitamin and multi-mineral blend in easy-to-take capsules - no poorly-absorbed synthetic vitamins and minerals.

The broad-spectrum nutrients (which include phyto-chemicals, enzymes, dietary fibre, beneficial oils, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals) are easily absorbed and will nourish the body, as they are in their natural food form and balanced state.

Organic Superfood Blend whole food supplements are beneficial for - Optimum health, Immune system booster, Organic nourishment, Energy levels, Detox cleanse, Body alkalising, Antioxidant levels recovery and convalescence, Digestive health and colonic efficiency, Following colonic hydrotherapy treatment, Body alkalising, Menopause symptoms relief, Healthy metabolism, People who dislike the taste of fruit and vegetables, People who have a poor diet.

Salvere Organic Superfood Blend is Made in the UK and produced using certified GMP(Good Manufacturing Practices).